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Wasps have the potential to cause harm if you attempt to move or disturb their nest. Our expert team will treat, and remove, all wasp problems quickly and professionally so to remove the potential for painful, or worse, issues occurring.

If you have a wasp problem please email us or call our dedicated number for Angus. Our team is available 24 hours and 7 days.

Wasp Control Solutions

Ideally you will look to treat any wasp or wasp nest issues early in the year but we do appreciate that this is not always possible.

Our wasp solutions are effective and lasting, offering you peace of mind that any issue not long lasting or potentially harmful.

As the summer months draw closer, wasps will start to form their nest. Nests can be formed in spaces such as:

  • Roof space/loft
  • Garden shed
  • Inside an air brick
  • Bushes
  • Trees
  • Hedgerows
  • Underground spaces

Wasps have the ability to build their nests anywhere that they find suitable and where it is protected from the elements and is undisturbed.

Business Solutions

If you are a commercial property that offers outdoor spaces for customers, we offer wasp lures/pots in strategic places so to draw wasps away from outside eating and drinking areas, social gatherings spaces or any place they may cause a nuisance to your customers.

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