Wasp Pest Control

We provide a service that will keep you, the customer, at ease during and after treatments.  If you have a problem please contact us so we can bring your pest problem our pest control prevention and eradication services within 24hrs.


As the summer months draw closer, Wasp’s will start to form their nest. This can be a roof space/loft, garden shed, inside an air brick or even in the ground. Other wasps build their nests in bushes, trees, hedgerows and even underground. Basically, they build their nests anywhere that they find suitable and where it is protected from the elements and is undisturbed. We can offer nest treatments and removal and this is generally a quick process. Global can also offer wasp lures/pots in strategic places to draw away wasp from beer gardens, outside eating areas, social gatherings or any place they may cause a nuisance to your business.

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