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Offshore, Marine & Port Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Provided To Offshore, Marine & Port Industries

Global Pest Control is committed to the management and control of pest-related issues that can occur in offshore industries. Our experience of dealing with such issues will ensure your problem is dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner.

We have worked with clients across the world to rid them of issues surrounding pest infestation, and our range of pest management solutions ensure that future issues can be prevented and processes put into place to manage if they do occur.

Our Experience

Global Pest Control employees have worked throughout Asia, Africa, Russia and other areas affiliated with the North Sea sector.

Our team of experts have experience working on numerous types of marine vessels, offshore drilling platforms and associated accommodation and are experienced in dealing with managers, officers and safety personnel. We can offer pest solutions in harbor or on vessels in deep sea conditions.

Should your pest issue require, our team can fly out to your north sea platform’s/semisub’s/jackup/fpso and provide monitoring and elimination of all pests.

Global Pest Control experts are fully trained for offshore working and have offshore working experience.

Global Pest Control experts are fully insured for working in the offshore, marine and port industries,

Our pest control process is structured to provide you with fast and effective results so to ensure that your operations are not disrupted.

All Global Pest Control experts hold:

  • OPITO approved Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training certificates.
  • OLF approved Safety & Emergency Preparation including Helicopter Underwater Escape & Emergency Breathing System Equipment Training certificate.
  • Shoulder measurement for helicopter travel.
  • Drugs and alcohol screenin