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We are here to help with your solar panel pidgeon proofing. Without a doubt on every solar panel installation there is that unlucky homeowner who somehow became the target for flocks of birds making a home on their home. Pigeons nesting under solar panels are a significant problem on a national scale. If you can’t escape the unsightly scene of pigeons and bird guano on your roof then you may want to consider bird proofing your solar system or roof. Global Pest Control is here to help with your solar panel pidgeon proofing. Over time the activity of the birds can see a build-up of corrosive pigeon fouling on the panels and under them and in the gutters. The solution is to stop pigeons getting under your solar panels permanently. Global pest control provides your property the protection it needs from birds above and below your solar panels.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing – Stop Birds Nesting Under your Solar Panels. Global Pest Control is here to help with your solar panel pidgeon proofing. No one beats our prices!

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Solar panel bird control Installation

We use a specialised system involving clips and mesh and cut to size and installed correctly. We use fall arrest equipment and work to the working at heights hse guidelines. This installation system does not void your warranty as it is non-intrusive to the panels, there is no drilling or cutting involved. In fact, the method we use won't leave a scratch on your system. We use a high quality durable galvanized steal coated mesh that is designed to withstand brutal elements such as the cold winters. The mesh does not rust and is removable for servicing your panels. We stand behind the quality of our product and installation and are east scotlands best Solar Panel pigeon protection company.

Our Clients

Solar panel proofing is one of the busiest parts of our proofing team’s work. Global are contacted by both commercial tenants & residential home owners in and around Dundee with new roof solar panels. In all instances both express concerns and raise problems with pigeons roosting under newly installed solar panels, Pigeon guano falling down into residents and customers alike in front and back gardens & premisis. This causes a mess and also harmful to public health. There was also a mention of noise from the roosting pigeons. Global has your solar panel protection solution

Our Clients

Commercial Bird Pest Control Solution

Check out our large scale bird proofing and cleaning at Peter Vardy Dundee,. The project included a massive cleaning operation, site survey and installation of bird netting, solar panel protection and bird spikes.

Health & Saftey.

Health and safety is paramount in all solar panel proof installtions. We would provision a full site survey before completing and works. Global technicians and both certified to work at heights and ensure working at height HSE is adhered to. Safety harnesses, fall arrest, escape plans. We can also use specialist lifting equipment for hard to reach areas. Globals bird proofing team are highly qualified and experienced throughout East Scotland in bird proofing your solar panels. One of our many pest control services.

why pigeon proof your solar panels?

protect the roof, wiring, and equipment from bird damage.

The mesh can be easily removed if required and reinstalled.

It protects the customer from bird mess, noise, protects the wiring components.

Warranty is not affected.

Excellent prices and cost-effective work.

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The easiest way to get a free quote for pigeon proofing solar panels is to email us or send through some pictures of your solar panels and the side of the property they are on. Our Solar Panel Pigeon proofing services in East Scotland is for homes and businesses and we have a solution for all types of pigeon infestations. Our Pigeon proofing solar panels service also includes: Cleaning out the gutter of Pigeon guano. Often full of fouling and debris. Removing Pigeons from under the solar panels and pigeon nests from under the solar panels. Using only the best materials for Pigeon proofing solar panels in East Scotland.

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