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Call out to popular Chinese takeaway

Pest control Dundee rats…Dreaded rats in the building…Early Friday morning we received a phone call from a nice gentleman of Jade Palace takeaway Ardler Dundee, sounding very stressed and in need of urgent help we put on hold what jobs we had for that day and went out to premises to meet the manager.

The night before, a rat was photographed inside the shop window and was posted to face book. Not good. Especially for a popular takeaway.

Global pest control done a full site inspection of the premises, the rear of the door was seen to be rotten and was a perfect opportunity for rodents to gain access to the premises. The door has now been replaced and a bristle strip added. a few holes in the building’s fabric leading into the building have now been sealed.

Our inspection showed no signs of rat infestation within the premises, we have set up a monitoring program for the premises so if anything should occur in the future we have early detection in place. A three-part treatment is now being carried out to monitor the situation.

Wishing the best of luck in the future to Jade Palace.

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Postcodes Covered

DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4, DD5, DD6, DD7, DD8, DD9, DD10, DD11.

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